Sunday, October 24, 2010

Things which inexplicably still exist

  1. Faxes
  2. Cheques
  3. Cash
  4. Cage eggs
  5. Fixed (non-cordless) landline telephones
  6. Landline telephones
  7. Plastic cutlery
  8. Blank video tapes
  9. Cask wine
  10. Telephone directories
  11. Non-recyclable packaging
  12. Magazines which treat soap characters as real people
  13. Greeting cards
  14. State governments
  15. Weekday newspapers in print form
  16. Leaf blowers
  17. Reality tv
  18. Single-ply toilet paper
  19. Reconstituted juices
  20. Royal families


  1. #5 You're in a cyclone, the power is out, the mobile network is down, the landline is still working but you can't use it because you don't have an "old fashioned" phone.

    #16 My kids are happy, get over it.

  2. Love it. But what would teenage girls do without #9? And just quietly, I still find faxes amazing... somehow even more incredible to me than internet/email etc. So I'm happy faxing still exists, but I do agree it's inexplicable.

  3. Look, in its day, the faxtrola was indeed amazing. But in the post-email-is-invented world, why?

    Having never lived through a cyclone, I defer on that one. (I have, however, been in storms causing the reverse - where mobiles where fine, but landlines cut by a falling tree or something.)

    As for leaf blowers, they're noisy & inefficient. So I'm neither surprised nor swayed by children enjoying them. But they're also just pointless - even at optimum operating capacity, all they do is move dead leaves from one place to another, slightly removed, place.

    For the amount of noise leafblowers make, they should - at the very least - turn the leaves into gold.

  4. Believe it or not, the fax machine was the subject of my incredibly exciting thoughts just the other day... I'm still a fan. I think there are still things that can't be done by email or are much easier with a fax. Say what you wish about my backward ways, I can handle it.